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Grand Master Mason

Brother Sir Archibald Donald Orr Ewing

Grand Master Mason 2006


Brother Sir Archibald Donald Orr Ewing 6th Bart., M.A., is the 107th and 109th Grand Master Mason to be installed onto the throne of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Brother Sir Archie is unique in that he is the only Grand Master Mason in the 270 year history of the Grand Lodge of Scotland to have occupied that position twice. He graciously agreed to again take up the onerous burden of leading the world wide fraternity of Scottish Freemasonry following the decision of the Immediate Past Grand Master, Brother Rev'd Canon Joseph J. Morrow not to seek re-election last year due to health reasons.

The Grand Master Mason follows a fine family tradition of service to the Scottish Craft as his Grand father Brother Brigadier - General Sir Norman Orr Ewing, 4th Bart., served as Grand Master Mason from 1937 - 1939 and his father, Brother Major Sir Ronald Orr Ewing 5th Bart., served as Grand Master Mason from 1965 - 1969.

Brother Sir Archibald Orr Ewing was initiated in Lodge Canongate Kilwinning, No.2 in 1973 and was Master thereof from 1981 - 1982 and again from 1987 - 1988. He is a member of Lodge Sir Robert Moray, No.1641 and of Royal Alpha Lodge, No.16 (EC), and a past Senior Grand Warden of the United Grand Lodge of England. He has served on several Grand Lodge Committees since 1993 and is the representative of the Grand Lodge of Sweden and Western Australia.