Provincial Grand Lodge of Aberdeenshire East
Grand Lodge of Scotland

Communication & Visitation Dates for season 2010 - 2011

I have heard that a couple of the dates listed below may be wrong,
so please try and verify them before making any special visits.

Lodge Forbes #67October 6th., 2010
Lodge St. James #256October 12th., 2010
Lodge St. Olaf #1188October 21st., 2010
Lodge Clinton #1244
November 4th., 2010
Lodge Ugie #939November 10th., 2010
Lodge Inversaintcairn #1278November 16th., 2010
Keith Lodge #56November 22nd., 2010
Lodge Dundonnie #1087December 4th., 2010
Lodge Solomon #197February 2nd., 2011
Lodge Dundonnie #1087
February 10th., 2011
Lodge Ythan #892February 15th., 2011
Lodge Clinton #1244February 22nd., 2011
Lodge St. Andrew #518March 2nd., 2010
Lodge Fraser #267March 26th., 2011
Fraserburgh Lodge #1055April 4th., 2011
Lodge Leask #1084April 5th., 2011
Lodge Ythan #892
June 16th., 2011

For the address of any of the above Lodges please refer to Address Guide to Lodges in Scotland

The hosting Lodge for the P.G.L Communication will be added when the information becomes available.