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Last updated December 1, 2007

Meetings - 1st. & 3rd. Wednesday from October - April @ 7:30pm

 Next meeting -- Wednesday, December 5th. @ 7:30pm --Election & Nomination

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 Instituted in 1872...   

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With acknowledgement and thanks to W. Brother Steve McKim, PM, (Indiana)
for his kind permission to use his original Masonic graphics on this site

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These Web pages were written without fee as an information service for the Brethren of Lodge St. Andrew #518, the Masonic brotherhood, and other interested parties, and for the promotion and welfare of the fraternity by Duncan Russell on behalf of Lodge St. Andrew #518 on the role of Grand Lodge of Scotland.

It is appreciated that the content will be treated as such by the readers.

A great debt is owed to the thousands of Masonic Authors, Past Masters, and Master Masons who have practiced the liberal arts and sciences and who have left us a legacy of Masonic history which is represented in and by these pages. Any one able to identify and properly credit any of the material posted here, please do so. If any material is posted here in violation of any copyright, please notify us so that it may be rectified immediately. Rest assured, we posted the material because it was an inspiration to us, and we hoped a benefit to others. Consider allowing us to leave the material, and properly credit the creator.

Please respect all of our efforts in this area by respecting our various copyrights, and the copyrights of all web sites you visit.

Some of the graphic content on this site is :

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