Lodge St. Andrew #518

Bro. Stephen McKim's Masonic Graphics

The images that adorn the Index (opening) page of the site.

Originally it started as a relatively simple idea, an image that revolved every once in a while on the opening page of the site. Just a little something to break the monotony, in all fairness probably more for me than you.

So I asked my brother Andre about the php code, which (for him anyway was simple enough) a little database to hold the images and simple script to make the change.

I then asked Steve about a set of graphics, the obvious periodical set of the year was the seasons...

Spring Summer
Autimn Winter

But it did not stop there, no sir... Bro. McKim's artistic nature was in full swing and very soon other images began to appear in my Inbox, in fact they've been appearing throughout the year. As I'm sure you'll agree the images are far too good to be buried in a link somewhere. So I decided to space them out across the year and display them, but they're too good to be displayed just once a year for a week or two so I created this page.

The first image (below left) was the original that appeared when the site was re-launched, but has now been allocated to mark St. Andrews Day - November 30th., and so appears for a week around that time.

The second (below right) is a bit of nostalgia, it was the image that adorned the opening page of the old site for 3 years.

Lodge St. Andrew #518 Lodge St. Andrew #518
Lodge St. Andrew #518 Lodge St. Andrew #518
Lodge St. Andrew #518 Lodge St. Andrew #518
Lodge St. Andrew #518 Lodge St. Andrew #518
Lodge St. Andrew #518 Lodge St. Andrew #518

...and to answer some of the obvious questions...

No we don't...
...have a view of the sea.
...ring bells at Christmas time.
...have a pet dragon.
...employ a serving woman.
...dress up as wizards.
...keep lions on the lawn.
...have two beautiful gladiator type women guarding the door.
...have a treasure chest.